Website Updated

Some links to the site have been updated such as Commissions and the Shop, come check it out!  Prints will be coming soon of some of your favorite artworks!

I have been busy with commissions lately and look forward to many more.  I will be posting some cosplay/airsoft items soon.  There will be reproductions available of some of my smaller macabre sculptures available soon as well!  

If you are interested in a commission or reproductions please hit the CONTACT button in the navigation bar and let me know!  I love new ideas and projects.

With that, I hope everyone is having a skullfully wonderful week!


The Blackthorn Stag

Let me start by saying, I have never blogged before.  I'm never sure what to say so I guess I will start with my journey and an unofficial artist's statement.

About myself:

I was a massage therapist for 5 years and just burned out.  I have also trained working dogs for 14 years, but did not ever see this as a profession or career.  I have always loved making and looking at art since I was a little girl.  I practiced my drawing skills by copying other artists I held on a pedestal. I felt I would never be as good as they are.

Fast forward to now.  I am currently a non-traditional art student at UWSP in Wisconsin and I am finishing my BFA.  I plan on immediately going to graduate school and obtaining my masters (probably Madison, WI) so that I may teach at a collegiate level.  I did not know I even had this potential until my mentor, JinMan Jo (a very well established sculptor and artist as well as my professor) just assumed I would be going to grad school.  He told me I have many skills that would be very valuable to a higher-education school.  

With this, I see myself teaching in 5 years in either a university or starting my own privately run art school for the community I am residing in.  I love to teach and share, but will not a lot of times unless asked as I feel I am imposing myself on a project or situation.  I will continue to try to "top" myself from semesters before.

For my closing Senior Show for my BFA, I will be starting a VERY ambitious project. It has 10 parts/pieces of varying media.  


Senior Show for 2019- Dante's Inferno: an introduction to Hell

Look for my Patreon page to keep updated on this latest work!  Concept sketches, maquettes, and process.  Support the INFERNO!