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Let me start by saying, I have never blogged before.  I'm never sure what to say so I guess I will start with my journey and an unofficial artist's statement.

About myself:

I was a massage therapist for 5 years and just burned out.  I have also trained working dogs for 14 years, but did not ever see this as a profession or career.  I have always loved making and looking at art since I was a little girl.  I practiced my drawing skills by copying other artists I held on a pedestal. I felt I would never be as good as they are.

Fast forward to now.  I am currently a non-traditional art student at UWSP in Wisconsin and I am finishing my BFA.  I plan on immediately going to graduate school and obtaining my masters (probably Madison, WI) so that I may teach at a collegiate level.  I did not know I even had this potential until my mentor, JinMan Jo (a very well established sculptor and artist as well as my professor) just assumed I would be going to grad school.  He told me I have many skills that would be very valuable to a higher-education school.  

With this, I see myself teaching in 5 years in either a university or starting my own privately run art school for the community I am residing in.  I love to teach and share, but will not a lot of times unless asked as I feel I am imposing myself on a project or situation.  I will continue to try to "top" myself from semesters before.

For my closing Senior Show for my BFA, I will be starting a VERY ambitious project. It has 10 parts/pieces of varying media.  


Senior Show for 2019- Dante's Inferno: an introduction to Hell

Look for my Patreon page to keep updated on this latest work!  Concept sketches, maquettes, and process.  Support the INFERNO!