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Nature and horror themes, Irish heritage, mythology and lore


Birth of the Blackthorn Stag...

Jennifer Thornton has been a self-taught artist until 2016 where she now is working toward her BFA in 3D Studio arts.  This, she believed, would help her build a professional portfolio and help develop her into the artist she was due to grow into, with the right guidance.  

Horror and the macabre have always been fascinating and beautiful in a way to Jennifer.  She would stay up late watching horror flicks such as Nightmare on Elm Street, The Believers, Snake and the Rainbow, It (Tim Curry), and The Craft.  Not only did the story intrigue her, the illusions and special effects in a "how did they do that?!" challenged her way of thinking and designing for years to come.  

Jennifer currently resides in central Wisconsin on 30 acres of wooded land with her two Dobermanns, Vex and Jötunn and her rescue cat, Jerry Lee (named after her first German Shepherd RIP).  

Jennifer belongs to the APPDA (American Protection and Patrol Dog Association and competes her Dobermanns in this sport.  She has been working dogs for 14 years and has been in Dobermanns for 10.  Some people play golf to relax, she trains dogs.